Traffic and Safety Issues

  • The Whopper will add over 1,000 additional vehicle trips to the daily drive on Route 30,
    at a key location near Weston High School.
  • The Whopper will also add hundreds of delivery vans and service vehicles pulling in and out of the apartment complexes to service the 400+ new residents. Imagine the congestion and dangerous traffic conditions this will create!
  • The Whopper will require 2-3 school buses morning and afternoon to pick up and drop off the 70+ school-age children. Where will these school buses safely pick up children without creating unsafe conditions for drivers on Route 30 blocking access to the apartment complex?
  • Do you commute to Boston on Route 30? Or drive to Weston High School? Imagine 400+ new vehicles on Route 30 and Wellesley Street.
  • MassDOT regulations will not allow a new traffic light, so 400+ new drivers will pull into traffic in the morning — turning right and left into both lanes on Route 30, blocking traffic near the light at the Wellesley St. intersection near Weston High School. In the evening, they will block traffic in both directions as drivers wait to turn into the apartment complex.
  • This will create new risks to public safety, particularly near Weston High School for hundreds of students and their families.