• 5 stories tall, 180 apartments with 277 bedrooms.
  • Between 400 and 500 residents and upwards of 300 cars for residents. There is no public transportation within 3.5 miles and only 293 onsite parking spaces including space for employees, visitors, contractors, etc.
  • Hanover Company is the large Texas developer bankrolling this project. Hanover heavily markets its other developments to college students in downtown Boston and Philadelphia.  This project is conveniently located in close proximity to many area colleges including Regis College, Babson College, Wellesley College, Brandeis University, Bentley College and Lasell University.  Will this be affordable housing or a college dormitory?
  • How big? The Whopper would be larger than the largest Home Depot store in the USA.
  • How much traffic? The Whopper will add over 1000 vehicle trips per day to the heavily congested Route 30 corridor that lies within 1000 feet of Weston High School.
  • How much sewage? The Whopper will generate over 11 million gallons of sewage annually.  The developers cannot explain where all this sewage will go because there is no sewer system in Weston.
  • Bogle Brook flows through this site, then through Weston High School and Middle School and into Nonesuch Pond. Sewage effluent containing high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, PFAS and household chemicals will flow into Bogle Brook and end up in Nonesuch Pond.
  • Is this affordable housing for people – or big profits for the developers?
  • Jonathan Buchman, a Weston resident and owner of Banner Construction, is the owner of the Whopper site and is acting as the local rep for Hanover, a standard practice for these types of developments. Banner Construction is located at 231 Boston Post Road in Wayland: com.