What can you do to stop the Weston Whopper?

  • Sign the petition against the Whopper (see below).
  • Request a Weston Whopper sign for your yard (see below).
  • Sign up to receive weekly updates about the Whopper (see below).
  • Write a letter stating your reasons for opposing the Whopper and email or mail it to each of the following parties:
  • Attend the ZBA hearings to learn more about the environmental and health and safety risks of the Whopper.
  • Attend our ZOOM forums for residents to discuss our progress in the fight against this oversized project.

Sign the Petition

We, the undersigned residents of the Town of Weston support the goal of providing quality affordable housing that is consistent with the size, scale, and residential character of Weston.  The proposed Weston Whopper at 518 South Avenue is not a responsible affordable housing development due to the size, scale, density, and negative impacts on the environment and the health and safety of Weston residents.

Whereas, the proposed Weston Whopper does not conform to local zoning ordinances and would require dozens of waivers from town ordinances and regulations to be built;

Whereas, the enormous 5-story, 386,000 square foot apartment complex, and parking garage and 12.9 million-gallon wastewater sewage plant does not conform with town density regulations and covers most of a small rural parcel of land with impervious structures creating serious environmental, traffic, and health and safety issues;

Whereas third-party experts, including the town’s own peer reviewer, have identified that the design of the Weston Whopper does not comply with state and local laws and regulations, as well as, standards of accepted engineering practice and threatens the environment, wildlife habitat, and the protected town aquifer;

Whereas, the Weston Whopper will generate tens of millions of dollars in profits for the developers at a cost of millions of dollars to the Town in the form of increased municipal services;   

We, therefore, request that the Weston Select Board and the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and Board of Health fulfill their roles to protect the welfare of the citizens of Weston by opposing the Weston Whopper. 

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