Bogle Brook flows through the Whopper site

  • Bogle Brook is a stream that flows through the site, then through Weston High School and Middle School grounds and Wellington Farm Historic District into Nonesuch Pond, as shown in the map below.
  • 200 apartments will generate 12.9 million gallons of sewage effluent per year
  • The natural water in Bogle Brook would become 90% contaminated septic effluent from the Whopper.
  • Sewage in Bogle Brook would flow through Weston High School and Middle School ground and residents’ backyards into Nonesuch Pond
  • Chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and toxic algae blooms would threaten our children and public health
  • Phosphorus contamination, eutrophication (algae blooms), snow melt, and household chemicals would damage Bogle Brook and Nonesuch Pond — see the map below: