Preserve Weston: About Us

We are a group of concerned neighbors in Weston who support affordable housing for people but oppose developers who exploit the 40B law for their own profit, with huge developments that will harm our town for decades to come.

Please donate today to protect our town and kids!

Community groups are at a disadvantage against big developers under the 40B law. The developer can hire experts to support their side. Weston, however, cannot hire experts to assess the traffic risk, damage to Bogle Brook, or the threat of bacteria and viruses from millions of gallons of sewage effluent to kids at Weston High School. This is prohibited by the 40B law!

Citizens of Weston have to raise their own money and hire their own attorney, wetlands expert, traffic engineer, etc, etc. It is completely up to us to defend our Town, and we have to pay all of the bills. So please donate today!

  • Please send your check to Preserve Weston  546 South Avenue, Weston, MA  02493.
  • Email $$ via PayPal to